3DMS shock absorber sensor


The suspension sag sensor works with the 3DMS Evo. It plugs directly (or via one or more extension cables) into the “I/O” connector on the back of the 3DMS Evo or into a hub.

No longer available

It allows you to display the depression distance in mm of your vehicle in real time on the 3DMS Evo screen (already available) and to record its depression data to then be viewed on the 3DMS Evo screen ( Session Menu) and on the 3DMS Tools Suite software (available in April 2023).

It exists in 75mm or 150mm travel to choose from depending on the travel of your suspension and in Front or Rear position depending on its mounting position (on a sports car, generally 150mm at the front and 75mm at the rear) .

Each sensor is supplied with its connector cap and a set of 2 Dunlop ball joints (see photo). In addition, in order to mount the sensor(s) on your vehicle, we provide you with a tool set (see photo).

Features :

– Dimensions of 75mm (Closed/Open): 168/243*Ø12mm

– Dimensions of 150mm (Closed/Open): 242/392*Ø12mm

– M4 threads

– Weight (75/150mm): 95/110g

– Waterproof 5-point M8 connector

– Waterproof and vibration resistant

– Cable length: 150cm


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