Second hand systems

Second hand systems

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TAG Heuer HL540...

Price €690.00

Second hand product / Demo product in original box. This Docking GPS/GSM 2G/3G station is equipped with:A GSM / CDMA module that gives the ability to transmit the timing information by wireless telephony.A GPS satellite module which allows the automatic synchronization of the CP 545 to the exact time-of-day and the monitoring of the time-base precision...


Price €215.00

The bintec RS120 is a powerful and, thanks to its comprehensive equipment, flexible router. Comprehensive IPSec implementation Load Balancing/Backup Simple configuration and maintenance   New – Unpacked

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CHRONELEC protime...

Price €1,490.00

2009 Chronelec Protime Elite Decoder UPDATED FOR TRANSPONDER 2012 an onward no transport caseDecoder in good condition The Protime Elite decoder is especially used in races that require an accurate timing to the 1/1000th of a second.The decoder has a RS232 interface for the communication with the computer.


Price €10.00

8This manual 2-way BNC switch box allows you to share any peripherals with coaxial BNC interface. This rotary unit will switch between 2 BNC devices for use with one BNC display. Requiring no power supply, this switch box is ideal to sit on a user’s desktop and allow him/her to manually switch between active devices. The data switch is a manual, rotary...