TAG Heuer HL540 Docking Station with battery + GPS + GSM


Second hand product / Demo product in original box.

This Docking GPS/GSM 2G/3G station is equipped with:
A GSM / CDMA module that gives the ability to transmit the timing information by wireless telephony.
A GPS satellite module which allows the automatic synchronization of the CP 545 to the exact time-of-day and the monitoring of the time-base precision relative to the GPS master during the entire timing session.
An Input and Output “MASTER – SLAVE” which allows the connection and synchronization of several CP 545’s together. In this way, the same time-of-day is guaranteed on several devices.

No longer available

A “TOP MINUTE” impulse is available for synchronizing any timing device connected to the docking station.
A built in Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery which ensures the autonomous operation of the CP 545 for long-duration timing sessions even at low temperatures (-20°C).

Discontinued product
12 month warranty
Eternytime In-house after sales service maintained.