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Chronelec Protime...

Price €140.83

SECOND HAND TRANSPONDER (1 RACE)Good condition The Protime Elite wired Transponder is the hardwired version of the Protime Elite Battery. GT Tour (and GT), Série VHC, Coupe de France des Circuits, Coupe de France des Camions, Course Club, TTE, Trophée PROTO, FORMULA Premium, HistoRacing Festival, FREE Racing Club, Fun Cup, Ultimate Cup Series (UCS), ......

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ALGE Photocell PR1AW

Price €482.50

The photocell is with integrated WTN radio module (2.4 GHz).  The transmitter of the photocell sends a modulated infrared beam. The receiver checks the infrared beam and triggers an impulse for each interruption.All photocells can be universally used with a reflector or as sender and receiver photocell.The impulse transmission can be effected by radio...

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"Red Fat Jack" Manual...

Price €132.50

Giant Manual Contactor with spring-loaded mushroom button. Diameter 95mm 2 Jack inputs/outputs 3.5m (connection of an additional contactor) 1 input/output "banana" plug 4mm Supplied with jack cord for Chronelec decoder connection

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ALGE bs-r250 ballspeed

Price €4,058.00

display board with 250 mm figure height The ballspeed BS-R is used to measure the speed of balls for different sports. It can measure the speed of objects up to 186 mph, even if the radar sensor is placed behind a goal net. The ballspeed system BS-R consists of display board with three red LED digits, 250 mm figure height radar sensor two tripods...