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Hanhart Calibration...

Price €54.16

The calibration of measuring devices (including stopwatches) is becoming ever more important in the light of the monitoring of test equipment for compliance with ISO 9000 ff. Hanhart offers a calibration service which includes manufacturercalibration of watches and a CERTIFICATE of their accuracy. Calibration certificates are valid for one year and...

"Red Fat Jack" Manual...

Price €132.50

Giant Manual Contactor with spring-loaded mushroom button. Diameter 95mm 2 Jack inputs/outputs 3.5m (connection of an additional contactor) 1 input/output "banana" plug 4mm Supplied with jack cord for Chronelec decoder connection

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3DMS Hub for 4 devices

Price €99.17

The hub allows you to connect up to 4 devices to the 3DMS Evo. It plugs directly (or via one or more extension cables) into the “I/O” connector on the back of the 3DMS Evo or into another hub. You can connect up to 4 hubs, to connect up to 16 devices to the 3DMS Evo.

Hanhart Chess Clock

Price €54.17

With two movementsCase: solid woodFront glass: scratch resistant mineral glassAnalogue display: 60 min. per clock, real timeDial: 80mmPeriod: 24 hoursStart / Stop / mutualTemperature range: -10º bis + 50º CelsiusSetting and winding the clock on the backMeasurements: 210 x 110 x 55 mmWeight: 730 g

Hanhart Desktop Timer...

Price €129.17

For all applications, including school, sport, laboratory and industry use. With the “Mesotron”, Hanhart is offering a clearly readable, quartzcontrolled analogue table-top/ wall-mounted timer. The ergonomic design of this timer makes it very stable. The hands are luminous.

Hanhart Desktop Timer...

Price €115.83

The desktop timers “Prisma 200” and “Prisma 400” are two practical interval up/down timers for use in industry, laboratories and schools, and for sport and domestic purposes. The “Prisma” range comes with a strong plastic case and an adjustable acoustic alarm. 2 timers Selectable: 1/10 sec. or 1/100 min.