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ALGE Startgate STSn

Price €349.00

We can offer various startgate models. The models differ regarding the number of contacts (one or two), the reset of the startwand (manual or automatic) and if they have an integrated speech amplifier or not. The startgate is mainly used for alpine skiing but also for other ski sports. It is mounted between two posts at the start so the athlete has to...

ALGE SM8 Start microphone

Price €450.00

4The start microphone SM8 is used for all sports that start with a start gun (e. g. track and field, triathlon, cycling, speed skating, short track). The start microphone is fastened at the start gun and when the gun is triggered, its bang is an electric start impulse to trigger the timing device with the SM8.

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"Red Fat Jack" Manual...

Price €132.50

Giant Manual Contactor with spring-loaded mushroom button. Diameter 95mm 2 Jack inputs/outputs 3.5m (connection of an additional contactor) 1 input/output "banana" plug 4mm Supplied with jack cord for Chronelec decoder connection

CHRONELEC Oled Messenger

Price €950.00

Developed to provide the driver with as much racing information as possible, the OLED v2 messenger is a major ally. On-board real-time information system. Speed ​​control during long starts. HD display and high brightness RGB LEDs.