Hanhart Desktop Timer Prisma


The desktop timers “Prisma 200” and “Prisma 400” are two practical interval up/down timers for use in industry, laboratories and schools, and for sport and domestic purposes.

The “Prisma” range comes with a strong plastic case and an adjustable acoustic alarm.

2 timers

Selectable: 1/10 sec. or 1/100 min.

Delivered within 10 days


Start/Stop/Reset – Addition – Flyback – Countdown with adjustable acoustic alarm

2 timers, fully programmable, with start/stop activation either together or separately

Repeat, manual or automatic

Time of day

Case: ABS plastic

Operating function: 2-button operation

Measuring range: 1/10 sec., 1/100 min.

Calibration possible: Yes

Functions: Time, Addition, Autorepeat, Countdown with signal, Battery change indicator

Display lines: 2

625.2625.00, 626.2625-00