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Timing device

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ALGE Photocell PR1AW

Price €482.50

The photocell is with integrated WTN radio module (2.4 GHz).  The transmitter of the photocell sends a modulated infrared beam. The receiver checks the infrared beam and triggers an impulse for each interruption.All photocells can be universally used with a reflector or as sender and receiver photocell.The impulse transmission can be effected by radio...

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Décodeur Chronelec RF...

Price €3,825.00

The RF Elite decoder is recommended for sports such as cycling, triathlon but also motorized sports with moderate speeds (less than 200 km/h) such as Rally, Enduro, Motocross, Kartcross etc... A ground loop activates the RF-I transponder, then the RF Elite decoder receives the transponder information by radio. Radio communication uses a robust protocol...

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ALGE WTN Wireless...

Price €499.17

WTN is a worldwide unique wireless timing network with mesh topology. It can transfer timing information as well as serial data and display board information simultaneous. All devices act as transceivers, so no separate transmitters and receivers are necessary.  Redundancy: The more devices you use, the more reliable it gets.

ALGE bs-r250 ballspeed

Price €4,624.17

display board with 250 mm figure height The ballspeed BS-R is used to measure the speed of balls for different sports. It can measure the speed of objects up to 186 mph, even if the radar sensor is placed behind a goal net. The ballspeed system BS-R consists of display board with three red LED digits, 250 mm figure height radar sensor two tripods...

ALGE Selftimer SF3...

Price €1,490.83

The coin collector is situated at the start and accepts, depending on the model, only coins or coins and token coins. The devices can be ordered for different currencies. The coins are collected in an impact resistant casing secured with a lock. The SF3P has two lights to control inserting the coins and two lights to control the starting procedure.