Impulse systems

Impulse systems

Impulse systems

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Radar Sensor

Price €23,582.50

This radar sensor can be connected directly to a GAZ or D-LINE display board. It is used for measuring the speed of balls for different sports. The radar can measure the velocity of objects upt ot 186 mph even if it is placed behind a goal net. When ordering, please state the sport you need the radar for so that we can configure it accordingly.

ALGE Trainings set...

Price €2,799.17

The WTN-Set 2 is wireless timing system. The system comprises of a universal timing device with built in printer and a rechargeable battery pack, two photocells with reflectors and tripods. All fits in a rugged plastic case with foam insert for easy and safe transport of the complete system. This system is ideal for training purposes.

ALGE SSD1 Startdoor

Price €5,832.50

The ALGE-TIMING Startdoor SSD1 is made for universal use. It can be used for parallel applications (alpine skiing and snowboarding), cross competitions (snowboarding and freestyle) and team events (alpine or snowboarding). The Startdoor SSD1 works absolutely reliable at all weather conditions, and is easy to set up. For transport, it can be folded up.With...

ALGE sf3-p250

Price €5,157.50

The SF3-P250 is a selftimer set for operating the race course with payment. The included selftimer display board has figures with a height of 250 mm. Please indicate with your order which kind of payment you would like to have (jetons, currency). Attention: standard currency is EURO. Other currencies on request and not from stock.

ALGE WTN Wireless...

Price €557.50

WTN is a worldwide unique wireless timing network with mesh topology. It can transfer timing information as well as serial data and display board information simultaneous. All devices act as transceivers, so no separate transmitters and receivers are necessary.  Redundancy: The more devices you use, the more reliable it gets.

ALGE Photocell PR1AW

Price €540.83

The photocell is with integrated WTN radio module (2.4 GHz).  The transmitter of the photocell sends a modulated infrared beam. The receiver checks the infrared beam and triggers an impulse for each interruption.All photocells can be universally used with a reflector or as sender and receiver photocell.The impulse transmission can be effected by radio...

"Red Fat Jack" Manual...

Price €132.50

Giant Manual Contactor with spring-loaded mushroom button. Diameter 95mm 2 Jack inputs/outputs 3.5m (connection of an additional contactor) 1 input/output "banana" plug 4mm Supplied with jack cord for Chronelec decoder connection