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Displays and screens

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ALGE Start Light...

Price €1,499.17

The single-sided starting light for parallel races is controlled by the SSD1-PS. First, one red light appears, then every second another one follows until in the end the green light signals the start.

ALGE D-BVJ Judo...

Price €2,890.83

This judo scoreboard displays score (Wazari, Yuko, Koka) figures in whole numbers contest time winner indicator lights penalty indicator lights (Keykoka, Cuji, Sido) Ipon indicator lights

ALGE d-sf150-o-6-e0

Price €4,499.17

The SF3-P150 is a selftimer set for operating the race course with payment. The included selftimer display board has figures with a height of 150 mm. Please indicate with your order which kind of payment you would like to have (jetons, currency). Attention: standard currency is EURO. Other currencies on request and not from stock.


Price €299.17

The WTN-DB is used with ALGE-TIMING display boards to receive data by communicating with one or more WTN devices using the 2.4 GHz band. It can also be used as hub to pass on data or timing impulses within the network.