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All in one: lap timer, an internal GPS antenna and a data acquisition.

GPS Option
Delivered within 10 days

For use with a motorcycle, kart or even a racing car, an external antenna is recommended to improve GPS reception quality. The external antenna is included in this package.

With the 3DMS Evo you can visualize, analyze and share your driving skills in real time: timings, trajectories, acceleration and braking forces and speed.

It could allow to connect 1 peripheral directly or 2 to 16 peripherals via 1 to 4 hubs.

It works with our free software 3DMS Tools Suite, coming soon for Windows and MacOs.

It comes with a power supply cable, an external GPS antenna, its mounting accessories, 2 branded stickers and a quick start guide.

2 year Wararanty.


The 3DMS Evo comes with:

• its presentation and transport box

• its power cable

• its set of GoPro type fasteners

• its 2 vehicle stickers

• Its installation instructions

• Its possible accessories and optional peripherals


Now equipped with your 3DMS Evo, you can record your driving sessions.

Thanks to its ultra-precise 10Hz GPS, the 3DMS Evo measures and records:

• your timer,

• the trajectory of your vehicle,

• its acceleration/deceleration,

• its actual speed


The 3DMS Evo screen allows you to view your chrono via 3 modes and its improvement LED, the speed of your vehicle, its acceleration and deceleration/braking force in real time.

It also allows to:

• start and stop your performance recordings

• view your times and your data for each session and each of its laps

• configure it: Peripherals, LEDs, backlighting, Bluetooth connection, etc.


A range of sensors and output devices will soon be available on our site to upgrade your 3DMS Evo.

You will have the possibility to connect a device (directly) or several devices of your choice (via one or more hubs 1 to 4).

Easy to connect and configure, the peripherals all use the same interface and unique, robust and waterproof connectors.

New ! The tilt angle sensor is now available in our shop.

The peripherals to come are: RPM sensor (rpm of the engine), temperature sensors (water, engine, tires), suspension sinkage sensor (front and rear), hydraulic brake pressure sensor, opening sensor throttle, configurable LED bar, …


The 3DMS Tools Suite software allows you to connect your 3DMS Evo to a Windows and MacOS device, download your recordings, analyze them and keep your 3DMS Evo up to date.

3DMS Analyzer allows you to analyze your driving:

Visualization of data in the form of curves

Comparison of 2 laps by superimposing data curves and trajectories

Better performance per lap and per session

Visualization of trajectories on satellite view

Exporting data from a 3DMS lap or session

Monitor launches in the notification bar and allows you to manage the 3DMS connected to your device and to:

manage their Bluetooth communication

update them automatically

configure them and view their status

3DMS Track Manager allows to:

access all circuits in France and the main European and international circuits,

edit map characteristics: track width, map orientation, positions and number of GPS timing markers.

create your own maps from a route drawn in Google Earth or from a recording made with your 3DMS.

3DMS Video Perf’ allows you to:

associate and synchronize a 3DMS recording with a video from any sports camera on the market (e.g. GoPro, etc.),

superimpose your measurements on the on-board video,

record your video with the 3DMS data embedded and share it.


• Dimensions of the unit: 92x62x20mm

• Weight of the unit: 110g

• power supply: 12Vdc (vehicle battery) or 5-15Vdc (external battery)

• Nominal consumption at 12Vdc on: 70mA / Nominal off: 290µA

• Protection index: IPx5

• Wireless interface: Bluetooth 4.1 Smart Ready

• Storage memory: >=2GB

• Maximum number of records saved in the box: 50

• Maximum number of recordings on the PC: no limit set by the supplied software

• Timer resolution: 1/100th

• Acceleration measurement range: -4g / +4g

• GPS frequency: 10Hz

• Active internal GPS antenna

• Max GPS speed: up to 999km/h

• Minimum requirements: Bluetooth device 2.1, Windows 7, 8 or 10, MacOS 10.13


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