Delivered within 10 days

The TIMY3 is of a compact design, equipped with high-quality technology and unique for timing. It has an ergonomic and most reliable design.

Despite the handy dimensions, the TIMY3 has a large and easy to operate silicone keypad. In all weather conditions, even wearing gloves, using the keypad does not cause any problems whatsoever. The TIMY3 is available with our without integrated printer that records the complete competition.

This set includes a handy timing computer with matrix display, big easy operational keypad, 9 timing channels, RS232, USB and display board interfaces, radio module WTN, universal timing software in a handy case

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 pc. TIMY3 W timing device
  • 6 pcs. BAA1.5/1 alkali batteries
  • 1 pc. USB-AB cable
  • 1 pc. USB flash drive with evaluation software
  • 1 pc. KS-TY1 small case
Timy3 W