CHRONELEC Oled Messenger


Developed to provide the driver with as much racing information as possible, the OLED v2 messenger is a major ally.

On-board real-time information system.

Speed ​​control during long starts.

HD display and high brightness RGB LEDs.

GPS Option
Delivered within 10 days

Product delivered complete with its mounting bracket, power cable and antenna stick.

Directly connected to timing, it will display in real time all the information a pilot may need:

• Lap time

• Provisional classification (updated at each complete round)

• Time by timing sector

• Time differences with the competitor who precedes and with the one who follows

• Number of laps completed or remaining

• Racing flags (Green, Red, Yellow sector, Safety Car)

• Time in the pits

• Penalties (Drive-Trough, Stop & Go, Black Flag, etc.)

The Messenger OLED also serves as a GPS module for the control of launched starts and allows course management to have information in real time on the exact speeds of each competitor at the time of departure.

Its front face has two LEDs on each side of the 4.4 "LCD screen. These high-brightness LEDs light up in the color of the displayed racing flag (green or red) to increase the readability of the message when driving.

This new messenger only works on meetings that are equipped with the appropriate transmitter (set up by the circuit or by the timing team) and the dedicated software.

Power supply: 12VDC (0.8A / min)

Internal memory: 1GB

Screen: 97 x 56.8 mm (4.4 ")

Case dimension: 155 x 95.6 x 42 mm

Weight: 300 gr

Operating temperatures: -20 ° C to 70 ° C


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