ETERNYTIME Racer Sound meter (DB Meter)


Sound level meter for the Eternytime Racer system


- Permanent measurement with history

- Display on led panel 50x50cm at the edge of the track

- Pilot notification via the free smartphone application

- Daily report sent by email to the designated manager(s)

Delivered within 10 days

This sound level meter specially developed by Eternytime is connected and powered by a single Ethernet network cable (PoE * Power over Ethernet).

Placed on the edge of the track, it allows real-time analysis of the sound disturbances generated by vehicles (Cars, Motorcycles, etc.).

Using the Chronelec transponder, we identify the offending driver and send him a notification directly on his smartphone via the free "ETERNYTIME RACER" application available on Android and IoS.

At the end of the day, the Eternytime Racer server sends a summary (log) of vehicles exceeding the tolerated limit threshold to the site or circuit manager.

- Class 1 sound level meter

- Measuring range: 30 dB to 134 dB

- Resolution: 1 dB - Precision: +/- 1 dB

- Frequency response: 30 Hz to 9000 Hz

- Power supply via PoE *

- 3/8 inch thread mount

- Size: 120 x 75 x 25 mm

* PoE = Power over Ethernet = Power supply via network cable


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