8This manual 2-way BNC switch box allows you to share any peripherals with coaxial BNC interface. This rotary unit will switch between 2 BNC devices for use with one BNC display. Requiring no power supply, this switch box is ideal to sit on a user’s desktop and allow him/her to manually switch between active devices.

The data switch is a manual, rotary knob type data switch with Break-Before-Make type switch.

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These handsome products are housed in a durable metal box, sporting the retro 80’s beige color and weighing as much as a small brick. All the connectors are female BNC, and are fully shielded and grounded. It features one BNC connector for the primary input/output, and numerous other BNC connectors for selection by the rotary knob.

This product is normally used to switch coaxial-type connections, such as CCTV video signals or old-school networks. The switching is direction-independent, and can function as a one-in-many-out or a many-in-one-out.

The switch mechanism is “break-before-make” type, to prevent short-circuits during the switching process. With this method, the current connection will be completely disconnected before the new connection can connect.

BNC Female x 3 (I/O x 1 + AB Port)

Poids 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm

2-way BNC Manual Data Switch


BNC Female x 3 (I/O x 1 + AB Port)


Used but in perfect condition


• Power supply not required
• Rugged metal case helps prevent unwanted EMI/RFI interference


15.5cm x 12cm x 6.5cm