ALGE Selftimer SF3 Start light with coin collector


The coin collector is situated at the start and accepts, depending on the model, only coins or coins and token coins. The devices can be ordered for different currencies. The coins are collected in an impact resistant casing secured with a lock. The SF3P has two lights to control inserting the coins and two lights to control the starting procedure.

Delivered within 10 days

  • 4 signal LEDs
  • pour jetons ou pièces 
  • résistant au vandalisme
  • vérouillage de sécurité
    • contrôle lumineux d'insertion des jetons
  • indicateurs de procédures de départ

Scope of delivery:

  • box avec feux de départ et monnayeur
  • câble de connection de 5 m ref. 170-05

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