Hanhart Spectron 1/100 min + 1/100 sec.


2-button operation

Measuring range selectable: 1/100 min., 1/100 sec.

LCD display: 2.5 lines

Top line: 6-digit plus battery status display

Bottom line: 7-digit

Function window: for Lap/normal time

Memory display: 2-digit

Numeral height: 7 mm/5 mm

Display range:

Top line: 9999.99 min.

Bottom line: 99999.99 min.

Size: 82 x 61 x 28 mm

Weight: 85 g

Battery: AAA, 1.5 V

Battery life: approx. 5-7 years

Functions at 1/100 min.:

Start/Stop/Reset –


Split and Lap can be read at the same time

Time of day, date

65 memories: for Split and Lap

Functions if switched to 1/100 sec.: Technical data as for the “Delta E 200”

Start/Stop/Reset – Addition/Split/Lap/Short Lap

Split time can be set in advance of the actual time


Countdown and stopwatch can be used at the same time

Time of day, date

Delivered within 10 days

65 memories: with evaluation, fast search

Supplied with protective pouch and cord.

Case: ABS plastic

Operating function: 2-button operation

Measuring range: 1/100 sec., 1/100 min.

Ganggenauigkeit: +/- 7 seconds / month

Calibration possible: Yes

Functions: Time, Date, Addition, Lap, Short-Lap, Split, Autorepeat, Countdown with signal, Battery change indicator

Display lines: 2,5

Number of memories: 65

Water protection: Waterproof