CHRONELEC RF transponder


The ultimate system for high-speed activities

Triggered by the activator in the track, each RF transponder
sends out a unique signal to the wireless Chronelec RF decoder with the loop ID.
Available on different frequencies, this transponder will work all over the world.

The transponder can be activated by the loop up to 3m (10 feets) and 200km/h

Support option
No longer available

The RF Transponder is dedicated to harsh environments, indoors or outdoors, where disturbances are blocking a traditional timekeeping system transponder.

With radio technology, the transponder itself emits its detection to the decoder when activated by the timing loop.

Like the RC transponder, it is compact and runs on a replaceable lithium cell battery).

Supply (Lithium cell battery) :

Autonomy : 3 / 4 years depending frequency of use
Battery Type : CR 2450

Technical specification :

Max speed : 140 km/h (87 mph)
Max height of detection : 4 m (13.1 ft)
Temperature range : -20° C à +70° C (-4 à 158 °F)
Dimensions : 48 x 28 x 11 mm (1.9 x 1.1 x 0.5 in)
Weight : 23 g (0.8 oz)

Two frequencies : 868 MHz and 915 MHz

LED indications

LED blinking : 1 time during transmission with 5 seconds lock time, 1 time every 4 min 15 s


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