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ALGE bs-r250 ballspeed


display board with 250 mm figure height

The ballspeed BS-R is used to measure the speed of balls for different sports. It can measure the speed of objects up to 186 mph, even if the radar sensor is placed behind a goal net.

The ballspeed system BS-R consists of

display board with three red LED digits, 250 mm figure height

radar sensor

two tripods for display and sensor

Delivered within 10 days

Scope of delivery:

1 pc. display board D-LINE250-O-3-EO incl. net cable K-NETZ 4

1 pc. SPEED-MASTER Radar

1 pc. cable radar to display 10 m 288-10

1 pc. tripod TRI128

1 pc. tripod TRI-S5


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